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Air Source Heat Pumps
With Air Source Heat Pumps, a fan draws air into the unit; this air flows over coils which extract the heat. Air Source Heat Pumps can also be used for cooling, removing the heat from the area to be cooled and converting it into useful heat in the form of hot water.

Air Source Heat Pumps work all year round even in temperatures as low as minus 15º C, but their efficiency depends on the external air temperature. A lower external air temperature gives lower efficiency. Air Source Heat Pumps also need a great deal less space than Ground Source Heat Pumps - the coils are self-contained inside a compact unit resembling an air conditioning system.

Air Source Heat Pumps sited externally will have a shorter life expectancy than other heat pumps, but should still last up to 15 years.

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Find out a little bit more about Air Source Heat Pumps

The Earth absorbs the sun's energy and acts as a huge thermal store, maintaining a constant temperature of between 7 and 13º C year-round. Heat pumps extract this solar energy from the ground, water and air. These systems use solar electricity to drive a pump which extracts the energy and upgrades it into usable heat. Fridges are heat pumps which use the same principle in reverse; they move heat from inside the fridge to outside, thus cooling the interior. 

There are currently upwards of 600 heat pump systems in the UK, but as many as half a million in North America and Scandinavia - clearly this is one area the UK can exploit further, and efuture Plumbing and Renewables is fully qualified to advise and assist in both ground and air source heat pump solutions, as well as other renewable technologies.

Heat pumps are extremely efficient, providing three to four units of heat for every unit of electricity used. They can supply space heating and domestic hot water, although efficiency falls at hot water delivery temperatures above about 45ºC. Therefore an alternative form of heating may be required to 'top up' the hot water cylinder. 

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