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Underfloor Heating

With a water-based underfloor heating system, a series of pipes connected to your boiler circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space.

A water underfloor heating system can sit beneath stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces. It offers a heating alternative to radiators in bathrooms, kitchens, an entire house - or simply a means to warm up a cold floor on an early morning in winter.  Alternatively, the water underfloor pipes can be connected to a solar heated system. Because the heat emitted from a underfloor system is more evenly distributed than a single radiator, the system can use water at a lower temperature, making it a more efficient way of heating your home and more suitable for use with renewable technologies such as heat pumps. According to Standard Assessment Procedure 2009 (SAP), an underfloor system typically improves condensing boiler efficiency by 3% compared to radiators. 

We install underfloor heating throughout Devon, so we know it is generally associated with stone or tiled floors, but you can even fit it in a carpeted room - you'll just need to ensure that the carpet and underlay isn't so dense that it stops the heat moving upwards (a tog of no more than 1.5 is a general rule of thumb). It's messy and expensive to retrofit, often necessitating a raised finished floor level to accommodate the pipes, so underfloor heating is generally best suited to new floor constructions, where the floor itself can be designed to hold the pipework and of course be adequately insulated to ensure the heat doesn't escape downwards. 

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If you're thinking about having underfloor hearing installed, whether you just want advice or would like to get a quote, then contact Darren today on 07782 472 573 or email us at

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